YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let's talk about "it".

I've suffered from major, clinical depression and anxiety/panic attacks for many years of my life. Talking about it is crucial to minimizing the suffering and pain.

When you're in the cloud of depression and/or feeling the anxieties of life, it's almost impossible to see things clearly as you're mentally spiraling downwards. You need someone outside to gain perspective. You made it this far.

Things can and will get better. Let's talk about what is going on in your life and how we can alleviate some of the problems and pain. Just talking about stuff, getting it out of your mind will help you feel lighter, help clear your mind and gain a more positive, healthier perspective.

Gender: Male
Hourly Price: $10 - $25
Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Pacific
Key Words: Depression / Anxiety