Release who you think you are & remember who you Soulfully are!

Aloha! May you find here a piece of the puzzle that fits!

I began my path of helping others heal, professionally anyway, in 2003 as I started off on my venture as a Massage Therapist. After years of searching for how to help others heal on a deeper level in 2016 I, quite Divinely so, stumbled upon the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where I graduated in 2018 with the main emphasis being that of Life Coaching. I not only gained insight into how to help others heal deeply, much of what is expressed below was a surprisingly beneficial result of taking these courses. I thought I would be incorporating this into my massage practice, however, I am finding my energy is best directed towards Soul Path Coaching, aka, Life Coaching. And so here I am looking forward to helping you!

And the story goes....

The path of life is scattered with a vast array of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, how to's, should's, should not's, etc., etc., that we tend to pick up along the way and carry as our own. As we pick up and tightly grasp all of these outside influences, perceptions, and idealistic notions of who we are and how we should be we slowly loose sight of why our very own Souls chose to exist in this particular time and space. Yes, everything we have experienced has helped to shape who we are, why we are here, and what we choose to do with and learn from all of it… now it is time to release all that doesn’t align with our Soul level truth and remember who we truly, Soulfully are!

Through my Soul journey, one that has been induced with a vast array of dysfunction including but not limited to, a series of childhood sexual abuse, a pattern of co-dependent, toxic relationships (all varieties), to playing the role of victimized caretaker, I acquired quite the array of survival mechanisms, people pleasing skills, coping mechanisms, and a whole toolbox of unhealthy means of controlling how my life works and looks. I have faced many demons that I perceived to be coming from outside of self only to realize, through taking a painfully beautiful look deep within, that all of those demons out there where merely my very own expressions/ projections of inner hurt, pain, and trauma turned into self-induced sufferings that I picked up and carried with me for a very long time, all in the name of self-preservation and distraction from truly looking at, let alone seeing, Self. Through all of this I have found that it all starts with really stopping and taking an honest look at Self, cliché I know, but so true! By discovering that what I thought I believed to be true, about myself and all that out there, might not actually be true according to the truth of MY Soul, by working through, healing, and releasing I began remembering who I am, truly. I began seeing that beautiful free-spirited 4 year old little girl who got lost in a fury of illusion, everyone else's thoughts and beliefs, an illusion created in order to be ok and skim through this life the best I could, perfectly and unharmed. I began to see with greater clarity the ways I was sacrificing my truth, my life, my beautiful existence so that it could merely look as though everything was perfect, no problems here, I totally have my sh*t together, not only lying to everyone out there but also, most importantly, lying to Self, settling, avoiding my Soul cries and longings all so I could find acceptance and love, out there, only to sabotage that love to keep my story of victimization true so that I would know how to act, react, respond, be comfortably uncomfortable. In no way am I implementing this is an easy process, it is definitely quite challenging, painful, and sometimes quite disturbing, yet it is soooo worth it! Am I done with my own growth and remembrance of Self, no way, not even close, it seems everyday there is something to unlearn into remembering! However, I have overcome, learned, grown, learned some more, cried, healed, laughed, cried some more, released, laughed some more, and continue to grow so much through every phase of this journey. That is why I am here, so that you can read this, find hope and encouragement, and know that you are not alone on your journey, you don't have to face these inner battles/demons alone, you don't have to face any of it alone. I am here to help you break through, shed the illusion and re-connect with your Soul; so that you no longer have to pretend to be ok, perfect, and just settle for an ok existence when you deserve so much more.

It is super important that this be expressed and understood, I am not here to do this for you, for no one can heal and remember you but you, I am merely here to help you along your Soul journey, to be your soundboard, to help shed some light on where and what may be causing blocks and disturbance and to help you tap into what you are needing to do to overcome and connect with the life you may feel is just out of reach. All of the answers come from your Soul, no one else's.

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