Love doesn’t hurt. Learn exactly what’s going on and why.

Let’s talk. I want to help you navigate through heartache and confusion. Whether it’s your husband, wife, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend or ex.

Matters of the heart are delicate and they can hurt like hell. I want to help you gain clarity on your situation. Nobody is immune from stressful events in their lives but we must learn to disassociate from toxic emotions before they manifest into more serious problems for us.

Share with me what you’re going through and I will help you understand what stage of grief you’re in and how to get out of it. I will also shed light into your loved ones behavior and help you to understand why they act they way they do. You will no longer be a prisoner to your own painful emotions. If you’re here reading this right now, I’m proud of you. You’re no victim.

You’re ready to understand what’s going on and heal your heart.

Gender: Female
Hourly Price: $25 - $50
Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Hawaii
Key Words: Narcissism