Depression & Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety is the dark side of our souls. It is that area in our soul that needs to be nurtured. It is held in bondage by FEAR Energy. Fear is the absence of Love. When we bring FEAR out into the light it diminishes because in reality FEAR craves the light [love] .

I have battled with Depression and Anxiety for most of my life. However, when I realized that Depression and Anxiety was the emotional symptoms that was created from the illusion of Fear, I was then able to take control of my life.

I allowed depression to take total control over my life several years ago when experienced the death of my Mother, Sister and Marriage within a six month period of time. I was overwhelmed with depression, abandonment, betrayal and rejection issues. I could remember jumping up from my sleep with feelings of anxiety and fear.

My self worth was plugging into a downward spiral! I was very angry with any concept of a God or Higher Power. After all, if there were a Higher Power, why would IT punish me with these challengers! I never cared for alcohol, until I became dependent on Vodka to relieve my emotional pain, Vodka became my God! One night [night time was the most difficult for] after indulging in several glasses of Vodka, I argued and challenged God to prove Itself by making the plants in my apartment flower!

I knew this would not happen since the plants I had in my apartment for over ten years never flowed. One morning after a night of drinking and parting, I opened the door to my apartment and smelled a sweet fragrance. Astonished by what I saw changed my life completely! There in the corner of my living room was the plant that never flowed, now blooming with white flowers that only opened at night.

What was my lesson? I am not a religious person, but there is a Power within all of us that is the lantern of Light that gets us through The Dark Night of Our Soul. All we have to do is believe that this Inner Power is the love that is our Birthright!

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