Domestic Abuse let me help with “Pushing Through The Pain”

I once did not know how to love myself. No matter what someone told me I still did not know how to move pass the victim stage. I had to find the tools and techniques to learn me. Once I overcame the abuse, it’s that now what. That’s when you have to learn how to love self again.

Learning likes and dislikes. Building boundaries and regaining strength. I am an domestic violence and sexual assault advocate that bring awareness about abuse. I speak at events to let individuals know they are not alone. Abuse has been sweep under the rug for so many years and caused individuals to pretend that it never happened. That is not a way to overcome the abuse or heal from it. That’s how it get buried and affect individuals later in life.

I aim to help individuals move pass the victim stage to become victorious. By listening to individuals story to help them with releasing the pain. Then we discuss ways to rebuilding themselves.

Mode of Communication:
In - Person
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Key Words: Domestic Violence