The Trauma of Losing a Loved one to Murder.

I have alot to say so I will try to condense it as best I can but to start ; the reason I feel as though I can help others through this site is because I have experienced alot of trauma recently on my walk through life and even through that pain and those traumatic experiences I have managed to pick up the pieces and stand tall , learning day by day how to move forward and carry on the will of those I have lost.

I am 23 years old and have found in life that people naturally gravitate towards me as a source of healing and comfort through good and bad times, I am a great listener who has experienced and seen many things in my short time on this Earth.

I originally lived in Florida and recently moved to NYC to pursue my dreams and passions which are Acting and Modeling along with some other business pursuits such as a program I started with the Department of Education, “The Gentlemen's Book club” a safe haven for young men in middle & high school to read and feel scholarly without judgement.

To understand how I got to where I am I will briefly detail the past two years & what has led me to be who I am today. In the Summer of 2017 my 20 year old cousin was murdered while visiting his mother in New York on his summer vacation this affected me in ways I couldn’t comprehend because he was so young and full of life it seemed unreal.

Fast forward exactly one year and a week after the anniversary of my cousins death and once again there was another murder except this time it was my 20 year old cousin in Georgia who was raised like a brother to me. As a young black man this event traumatized me even further because now I feel as though I live in a state of constant life and death and that my life could be taken from me at any moment for absolutely no reason.

Despite all of this I have somehow taught myself to stay strong, hold family & friends even closer, uplift the lives that my cousins led and carry on their memories by being the best version of myself that I can be.

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