A Caring Coach to Support You on your Path to Recovery.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. The nagging feeling that is always there in the background that I wasn’t good enough. I projected this self-worth into all areas of my life… never feeling I deserved the job…. never feeling I deserved the credit… never feeling I deserved the relationship. I have spent periods of time on medications for both depression and anxiety, yet they always left me feeling foggy with the undercurrent of restlessness, even though I didn’t understand why.

But I had determination to climb out of the hole time and time again, only to find myself fall back into it… over and over again.

Something changed when I started listening to my heart and stopped listening to the judgement and criticism of others around me. I stopped trying to fit my rounded self into that square hole. I took steps forward, then I fell down. But I always got up again.

Now I find myself in a place where most of my days are happy. Some of my days are sad. A very few are still spent in a place that I really don’t want to be… but only a very few and now I know it will pass.

I believe that we can all shift our lives to a place where we have more constructive, creative, productive and happy days. We can shift away from the dark.

I would love to walk your path with you, to minimize the darker days and maximize the lighter days so that light wins over dark.

Rachel is a life coach who specializes in supporting clients with anxiety and depression, eating disorders and addictions. She is a non-judgmental ear who walks the path to recovery with her clients.

Born and raised in the South West of England, she lived in Rome for 5 years before moving to California over a decade ago. In March of 2018, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she now runs her coaching practice. 

Rachel trained as a co-active coach and now applies her project management skills in the health, spiritual and mindfulness spaces. She holds the vision of supporting clients to live their best possible life in relationship with themselves, their work, people in their life and the world community.

Gender: Female
Hourly Price: $25 - $50
Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Pacific
Key Words: Addiction