I'm a survivor of child abuse and I have suffered for many years. I've faced a long and rough journey alone that hasn't been easy. My abuse began when I was a child.

My father verbally abused me in the worst possible way. He always belittled me by calling me names and by making fun of me. He would get a thrill by bullying me at home and in the presence of people that he knew. My mother never did anything to stop my father.

To make matters worse, I was also physically and verbally abused by my brother who was 2 years older than I was. The only times that he was nice was when I would iron his pants or when I would call up girls that he liked. In high school I was also bullied because I was quiet.

After experiencing all the abuse I have finally found peace and happiness. No child ever deserves to be abused and every child deserves to feel loved.
I'm here to listen to you and to help you through your rough
journey because I care.

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In - Person
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