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How it works


Welcome to Kindarma, we are so happy you have found our community.

Please follow the steps to join our community of Sharing Hope; 

1) Go to the Story of Hope section on our Home page; Find the experience that most reflects what you are going through or the area that you are wanting to get more information on. Alternatively, you can search a word through the search tab at the top left side of the home page.

2) Read through the biographies; Choose a Darma who has been through a similar experience to your own. Here you can view more about the person who has already lived through a challenging emotional time like yours.

3) Fees and hourly rate; Our Darmas are everyday heroes and this is a new way of viewing emotional support. They are the people who have lived through the challenges that life brings. They have valuable insight and wisdom about their experience, but they are not licensed professionals. Our Darmas come from a variety of backgrounds and have a desire to help others get through what they have lived. The hourly fee charged is determined by the individual Darma through their experience and feedback. Please note we offer a money back guarantee - we believe in all of the Darma's who are a part of Kindarma - and believe that they will make a difference to your life and challenge that you are going through.

4) Book a Time. If you would like to connect with a Darma you can simply email them and start a conversation. This can be online or if you would like to talk with them directly, just ask for a time. The first session with anyone you speak to on Kindarma is free. This gives you a chance to work out whether this is something that would work for you. We know there are many different ways to heal - and talking to someone who has gone through it themselves may just be a great start for you. 

4) Make another appointment. If you connect with your Darma and you feel it would be beneficial speaking with them again, then you can make another time through their profile page and pay the fee you will have discussed with them in your initial call.The payment process is handled securely online  and before your time is booked, you will need to enter a credit or debit card, just like you do when booking a hotel room. We ask for your billing information when you book your time to validate your identity and card for payment. Once you have confirmed your banking details, the Darma will be notified and verify the time is available. Funds are put on hold only after your Darma has confirmed the appointment. Please see How Payments and Fees Work for further details. 

5) Review. After your connection you will then have the opportunity to review each other based on the Kindarma philosophy of wisdom, hope and resilience. The diversity of experience and individuals is imperative to keep at the forefront of your mind. Please see our section on Reviews and Ratings.

Please Note Darmas are not registered psychologists or psychiatrists, not licensed therapists, not other mental health professionals. They are non-professionals who believe they have something to offer Kin because of their life events, by listening and sharing their experience. They do not offer medical advice, therapy, or counseling. If you have a mental health issue, contact your doctor. If you are considering suicide, call 911 or the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Seek the advice of a licensed and trained professional in areas where professional opinion is appropriate, including but not limited to: health, mental health, and legal issues.

BECOME A DARMA ( Our Life Experience Mentors).

The Process;

1) Sign in and create an account, follow the prompts to fill out your personal profile, tell people a little bit about yourself. 

2) Create a listing - click on the black button in the top right hand corner to Become a Darma. Choose the best category from our list of experiences that suits what you have gone through. From here you will be able to add a detailed story of what you have gone through, add a background picture or quote, and add the mode of communication that suits you best to talk with people. You will also be asked to set an hourly price, which is totally up to you. Consider your experience and what other people are charging. Remember, you will be rated and reviewed by the people you help.

3) From here, Kindarma will be in contact with you to set up a time to go through an induction and have a background check,  and we will follow up with you, via email to give you more information to help you begin. There is no out-of-pocket expense for Darmas during this process.

You don’t require qualifications or formal experience. Your ability to communicate the meaning you have gained through your experience is enough. People are possibly already drawn to you for your wisdom, outlook and inspiration. We have created a platform for the everyday hero. The stay-at-home parent, those who have retired, professionals and anyone who has wisdom and experience to share, whilst being able to earn some extra money. Kindarma does not offer professional services that require a license. 

Kindarma gives you the opportunity to help many people and also earn extra income for doing so. The sharing economy has already changed the fabric of our world. If we can stay at a strangers home (Airbnb), or ride in their car (Uber), imagine the difference you can make in sharing your Story of Hope with those going through the same experience.

You will need:

1) Your Story. Tell your story and the wisdom you have gained from the experience. We have over 15 categories of life events that are constantly being added to. You will also have the communication and listening skills to be able to convey your story and listen to another tell theirs. We expect our Darmas to keep their commitments, confidentiality and represent themselves in a trustworthy way.

2) Have a U.S. Social Security Number.

3) Be at least 21 years of age: All Darmas must meet this age requirement in order to become a Darma.

4) Provide us with personal information for a background check and ID check: We process a full criminal background check on all Darmas. The background check company will require your full legal name, date of birth, address, and Social Security Number. We do not use your private information for any other reasons, and it is securely stored using SSL encryption. Your banking information is needed to establish a direct deposit for your earnings once you are registered. 

5) Have a bank account with a financial institution: To be a Darma you must have a checking account. Savings accounts, prepaid debit cards and re-loadable bank-cards will not work, even if they accept direct deposits.

6) Review our Guidelines to Sharing Hope which will give you a starting place to think about your experience and give support to others.

7) In sharing your experience with others, remember you are sharing with them what worked for you, and how you made sense of your story. You can shine a light for others but everyone needs to find their own way. Remember, if people need professional therapy or are going through a mental health crisis, you are not the person to help them. They need to see a professional therapist.  Our policy is to refer people to professional organizations or mental health services if we see any signs that they need professional help.


When you sign up to become a Darma we will send you further information about how best to share your story and support those going through a similar situation.  Below is a brief overview of these things;

Meaning; Your story is honest and true– it is not out of a text book - it is real. You have walked every step to get to where you are now. However, to be able to help others you must be able to extract meaning from your experience.  Spend time reflecting on how you have made sense of what happened to you. What lessons have you learnt? How has this event shaped who you are? 

Vulnerability and Empathy; Establish a connection with the person you share your experience with and be vulnerable. What were your fears? What was lost and gained? How did it change you? What are the qualities that you realized about yourself? Both good and maybe not so good – how did you use these to move through the challenging times? 

Hope; In finding meaning through our experience, usually our stories will move from bad to good. However, sharing hope with others doesn’t necessarily mean that our lives have drastically improved and life is a bed of roses.  


Kindarma is a platform where others can gain hope from the stories of others. Darmas are rewarded by sharing their knowledge and experience in a safe and hopeful way. To use this platform, all users must register with their email details. To become a Darma there is a screening process, with identity and background checks. We suggest you conduct all of your communications and payments through our site. This keeps your personal contact details private, and also keeps everything recorded and secure. 

We take every precaution possible regarding our privacy policy, our handling of your private information, and what we do with that information. Please see out Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Do not share information you are not comfortable sharing publicly on your profile. Tell your story knowing that it will be available for viewing. When communication is handled by Kindarma we can block and remove people from our platform if found necessary. The information shared between Kin and Darma is confidential. Kindarma is an environment supporting integrity and trust between Users in all interactions. Discretion must be used at all times regarding the confidentiality of other users personal information. If this is breached you will be removed from the platform.

Users must exercise a high level of caution if they decide to rely on the information provided by another on Kindarma. We cannot verify all Darma’s stories, give advice or recommendations for individual situations. Darmas share experiences, stories and discuss what has worked for them. If you need professional advice please contact a professional therapist or counselor in your area. 




Reviews and public feedback are a valuable part of modern life. They give a benchmark for people to gauge the performance or quality of a product or service. They help consumers gain confidence in something before they make a purchase, and the true power of these reviews is that they come from regular people just like us.

When it comes to emotions and vulnerability however, it may not be as black and white as how efficiently a food processor or a lawnmower work. Life challenges can be very individual and although someone has lived through something similar, there is no one size fits all approach to support or remedying them. It is the empathy and compassion that we gain from similar experiences that is important.

The strength of Kindarma is that our Darmas are ordinary people who are just like you. You will gain some great insights from speaking to someone who has gone through what you are going through, but please remember our Darmas are not trained professionals, psychologists or counselors.  

There are some points that we can all keep in mind when using the services on Kindarma:

·     Did you feel comfortable and at ease?

·     Did you feel heard and understood?

·     Was the Darma able to communicate clearly their experience as well as meaning and lessons they learnt            from it?

·     Did you have a sense of relief or hope after your time together?

·     Was there some small learning or perspective that you gained from the discussion?

·     Have they been able to turn something negative into a positive?

Keep in mind what Brene Brown shares with us about empathy. “Empathy is connecting with the emotion that someone is experiencing, not necessarily the event or the circumstance”.

Kindarma is committed to creating a place where people can connect with empathy, compassion and vulnerability. By giving constructive feedback the trust and quality of our platform is improved.  Everyone is encouraged to leave honest feedback to help others who are looking for support at an often difficult and vulnerable time in their lives. Our hope is that our review process reflects the mission of Kindarma, in that remains hopeful, helpful and compassionate.


The essence of Kindarma is valuing the wisdom gained from getting to the other side of a challenging life experience. The benefits you can receive from everyday heroes, although not usually attributed a fee, is deserving of one. 

Payment to our Darma’s follows the following steps;

1) Browse the stories of hope and connect with a Darma based on their experience and reviews. 

2) The entire payment process, including reimbursements, is handled securely online through our third party payment processor, Stripe or Paypal after your connection. Our site is also SSL encrypted, meaning any sensitive information is such as emails, passwords are protected. Kindarma does not store any credit/debit card information.

3) We ask for your billing information when you make a booking to verify your identity and to validate your card for payment.

4) Once the payment details are complete, you will be taken to a page that displays the transaction details. Your Darma needs to accept the transaction before any money is transferred.

5) If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whatever comes first), the transaction is canceled and no money is transferred. Once it is accepted, the money is captured from your card and funds are put on hold. You will receive a receipt of the transaction via email.

6) It is only after you mark your connection as completed that the fee is moved from the Stripe or Paypal balance to your Darma’s account.

7) It will take up to 7 days for the money to be transferred from Stripe to the Darma’s account.

8) Both you and your Darma then have the opportunity to review and rate each other.

We believe that those who have experienced emotional challenges and gained resilience, wisdom and hope in the process have enormous value to contribute to our world. This is the essence upon which Kindarma operates, and our founding belief.



What is the meaning of Kindarma?

The word Kindarma is broken in two parts -Kin and Darma. When we are going through a similar experience to someone else, there is an incredibly unique connection that can happen. This breaks down walls, builds empathy and compassion and can often make us feel like we have known this person for a lifetime – we feel like Kin. The origin of the word Darma comes from Sanskrit (an ancient language of India) meaning  “that which upholds and supports”. The Darmas are offering support to uphold others. Together, we are a community of everyday heroes, supporting and valuing the experiences we have shared.

I want to connect with a Darma - how will this help me?

When difficult life situations occur, it can often feel we are the only one going through them. That is, until we meet someone who has gone through something similar and suddenly we don’t feel so alone. The ability to share this experience is what Kindarma provides to people who may never have the opportunity to meet. How another got through their difficult time, what worked for them and the things that didn’t go so smoothly are the benefits of connecting with a Darma.

The Darmas have experienced challenging life situations and can be expected to display;

1) Truth and Honesty 

2) The meaning gained through their experience.

3) Communication and listening skills

4) Empathy and Compassion

5) Hope

All Darmas undergo a vetting process before they join the Kindarma community. They must pass identity verification and are screened for criminal offenses. 

Who are the Darmas?

Darmas come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are everyday heroic people. They have experienced the difficulties and obstacles of everyday life. They may have lived through the pain, anxiety and disappointment of a relationship failing, or the grief of losing a loved one. 

Please remember even though our Darmas bring much wisdom from personal experience, they are not licensed professionals. Per our Terms of Service, Kindarma is a community that enables the connection between Kin and Darmas but does not offer professional services that maybe needed from mental health care professionals. Darmas are independent contractors who work for them selves and are not employed by Kindarma. 

Does this replace therapy?

Darmas are not registered psychologists or psychiatrists, not licensed therapists, not other mental health professionals. They are non-professionals who believe they have something to offer Kin because of their life events, by listening and sharing their experience. They do not offer medical advice, therapy, or counseling. If you have a mental health issue, contact your doctor. If you are considering suicide, call 911 or the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Seek the advice of a licensed and trained professional in areas where professional opinion is appropriate, including but not limited to: health, mental health, and legal issues. Darmas are independent contractors, and under no circumstances shall they be considered a partner, agent, servant, distributor, or employee of Kindarma.

What should I expect?

Expect to find someone who understands what you are going through. Expect compassion and empathy. Expect to feel less alone and more connected. Your situation may not be exactly the same as your Darma’s, however the feeling and emotion will no doubt be very similar. Don’t expect a professional therapist, but do know you will find an individual who has the unique ability to empathize and understand what you are going through.

If I sign up as a Darma, can I really help someone?

Kindarma believes the strength and wisdom that comes through real life experiences is valuable. So valuable in fact, that people would pay you for your wisdom and insights. People grow through hearing stories that inspire, guide and provide hope when they are going through a challenging time.

Think of it this way. 

For many of us, a professional CV is something we have written and updated throughout our life. Organizations value this and reward you for your experience in the workplace. If you reflect for a moment on the emotional CV that you could write, think about what you have gone through, for how long, at what age, how you dealt with it.  What did you discover through research on the topic, seeking help through a professional, a book, or a method of coping? Or maybe you did none of those things, but what did help do? Summarize those life skills, achievements and experience. Do you believe you could help others with what you have lived through? You may have a chronic illness that you are living with, or have looked after someone with a serious illness. How did you get through the day to day? What where the things that you did to put one foot in front of the other? What did you achieve? What did you learn? 

You see, learning what someone has been through can give others hope in realizing they are not alone. Sharing and connecting is what helps us through our darkest times. 

What experience and qualifications do I need to become a Darma?

The only qualification you need is the ability to communicate your experience and the meaning you have gained by getting to the other side of your situation. You must represent yourself in a truthful, honest manner and with integrity. You should be able to communicate how you have personally grown from your experience. If you do have qualifications in an area that you feel has helped you, please add them to your biography. All of this information will help others get to know you.

However, we are not a professional therapy site. We do not offer mental help services, such as therapists, psychologists, counselors etc. We do not deal with mental disorders or illnesses. We are supporting others in their emotional well-being. If you feel that someone needs the help and assistance of a professional, you should communicate this in an open and sensitive manner asap.

What checks will Kindarma undertake and how long will it take?

We conduct identity and background checks to ensure you are who you say you are. Transparency, honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of our community. A time will be scheduled within 10 days for you to talk with a member of the Kindarma team about your story, experience and how you feel you will be able to help others.  

What about my personal safety and security?

Never meet anyone in the privacy of your home or a secluded area. Be certain that someone knows where you will be and for how long. We recommend you do not give out any personal information such as your phone number, home or work address or email. All written communication on the Kindarma website is monitored and recorded, so that inappropriate behavior can be addressed and if need be, users banned from the community.. If communication is taken off the website, this makes it impossible for us to monitor the behavior expected from those in our community. 


Our service charge on transactions for Darmas is 15%, which is taken out of your invoice for each transaction. This fee helps us build and expand Kindarma to those who are in need of support during difficult times. It helps cover hosting, insurance and services that attempt to keep our platform safe for all people and ensure Kindarma runs smoothly. There will also be a 5 % bank processing fee for each transaction.