Information about Kindarma


 Welcome to KINDARMA....

We are dedicated to helping you find someone who knows what you are going through. Contacting them, speaking with them and understanding you are never alone.

Connecting with others who have lived through a similar experience has many benefits for our emotional and mental wellbeing. Finding someone who understands, validates and listens to our story can change our lives. 

"Imagine the women who lost her husband and 5 year old son in a car accident when she was pregnant with her 4th child. She says it was almost impossible to breathe. Yet, 30 years later she now helps others who are also grieving. It is only through her own grief that she can truly know how it feels, what others are thinking in that moment and what helped her get to the other side." This is who we are. 

If you would like to help others, sign up and share your story with us - you may just ease the pain of another.

If you are in need of some support yourself, we hope you find some peace in our stories. Read, reach out, email and speak to anyone of us. 

Please connect with me at anytime.


Shelley Buchanan 

Founder & CEO.