You may pour out your heart to me and be able to count on getting a patient, non-judgmental ear hearing your every concern.

You are welcome to share your issues with me resting assured that you will not be judged and that I will actively listen to you as you need. Through two careers I have had people share things with me that they never shared with anyone else and I STILL treated them without judging them at any time. As a matter of fact I became close friends with many of these same people with which I interacted I simply because, in their words and not mine, because I listened to them without judging them.

Do you want someone to just listen to you as you share your concerns but are concerned that you will be looked down upon? Being looked down upon is not gonna happen when you share your issues with me. Over my life I have had people tell me some things that would make most people run for the hills but I never even flinched. Because I still treated them as a fallible human being that WE ALL ARE, those very same people invited me to baby showers, weddings, Super Bowl parties, funerals, you name it. Almost without fail those people thanked me for handling them in the kind manner in which I try to treat everyone and I am quite proud of that.

You are very unlikely to shock me with your issues and you DEFINITELY will not be viewed negatively by me. You may count on me to listen and chime in as is warranted.

You may talk with me about depression because I have walked in those shoes before. Because I was genuinely concerned about my state of mind at the time I checked myself into the hospital on two separate occasions due to my feeling of hopelessness. I subsequently dealt with the issues and subsequently became a new person. That being said, you can count on me to definitely relate to your situation.

If you are in need of someone to listen to you as you deal with anxiety you may count on me to understand your concern via my first-hand experiences. You have a supporter in me. Anxious about something and just want to talk about it? I am here to listen.

In excess of over a thousand people were referred to me by the legal system to perform court-ordered community service to help work off some of their penalty/sentence and I treated every one of them with CONFIDENTIALITY and RESPECT. There is just about nothing you can talk with me about that will cause me to treat you other than a human being seeking respect and lack of judgement.

Relationships are something you are absolutely welcome to discuss with me. If you want an opinion based on someone with ample experiences with numerous and varying relationships you have come to the right person. Do you have AIDS? Doesn't bother me as I was a de-facto caretaker for a very dear friend who succumbed from it. Gay? No problem. Transgender? Big deal, I enjoy seafood. Unhappy in your relationship and want to leave but don't know how? I will listen as you discuss your concerns. Been victimized? Been there, done that. Have concerns about an issue that society might consider immoral or are far from mainstream ideology and want to talk about it with someone without being viewed as a bad person? You are at the right place with me. LGBT concerns? You may pour your heart out with me. Feel like you don't quite fit in anywhere and just want a patient ear to listen to you? I'm your guy.

Parenting is something you are clearly invited to discuss with me as I could not wait to finally become one. You would receive feedback from someone that, due to my own parents parenting skills, learned from the best. Additionally, as I am very, very close to my own child please feel free to ask for my opinion on how I succeeded in forging such a strong relationship with my own child. You are also welcome to just vent to me if you are simply in need of someone to listen.

As a former health care provider you would receive my honest opinions about getting healthy, both physically and mentally, and staying that way. If you are searching for honesty and not necessarily what you want to hear, please ask. If our views are not similar, we may always agree to disagree but you may count on me to hear you out and truly see your viewpoint.

As someone who has suffered the loss of an extremely close sibling via murder, both parents with whom I adored, one of which I was literally holding his hand when he died, the loss of my two favorite aunts less than a year apart, a wife, my Mom's best friend/second mother and a granddaughter you would be sharing with someone with first-hand experience with grief and loss.

By the way, the murder of my brother, whose autopsy I witnessed in a foreign country, the loss of my Father and a divorce all occurred within an eighteen-month span, so I know cumulative losses in a relatively short period of time well. If you are looking for someone that can relate to grief and loss, I definitely can, so please know that you may count on me to be there for you.

If you wish to ask someone with first-hand experience with trauma how he dealt with it please know that I have had two sports-related concussions, been involved in three automobile accidents and was rendered unconscious after my motorcycle broad-sided a car, you are welcome to talk with me.

Are you dealing with an addiction and just want someone to listen to you in how you are dealing with yours? You have come to the right place. Alcohol was once my demon but I conquered it and I would be happy to share with you how I did it if you wish to know.

Do you have a lofty goal that you wish to share with someone but you are concerned that people in your life will think you are either a dreamer or just crazy? Share it with me and not only will I support you I might actually be able to give you some tips on how to reach your goal even faster than you originally thought. Remember, successful people are not any different than you are. They simply learn HOW to become successful.

You are not alone as long as I am around to be there for you. Just reach out to me and we can go from there. You will feel better, I'm sure.

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