Living Your Own Truth

I was married for 18 years and the father of two children. After a devastating divorce, I started to date again and met so many beautiful , kind and loving women.

However, I did not feel a connection with them. What was this connection that I was looking for? My answer came when I stopped looking and allowed it to happen naturally. I was resisting my truth by denying that my feelings for a same sex partner was what I really could connect with.

Today, my partner and I live a very loving and caring life. The most challenging part for me was how do I tell my children that I am in love with another man? I went into therapy because my biggest concern was that my children would be ashamed of me and stop loving me! The therapist asked me a question "Are You Ashamed of You"?

He explained that what I felt about myself is what I would project to other people and that is what they will feel about me. My children are very accepting of my life choice and love and respect my partner. I live my life as authentic as I can. At times, it can be challenging , but I rather deal with the challengers and not live a life of lies!

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