Losing My Husband to Suicide.

Losing my daughter’s daddy when she was four was hard enough. The dreams we had for the future were gone and raising her without the love and support of her father left me heartbroken for her. Losing him to suicide made it even worse.

So often our society pushes mental health issues into the dark. If you are depressed or anxious you are less of a person. People say “committed suicide” as if you were completely healthy and wanted to die. What they don’t understand is that 90% of the people that die by suicide have mental health issues. They don’t want to die any more than any of us. They just want to be healed and stop the pain and sadness.

Having to deal with a society that looks at us with shame and pity because we lost my daughter’s daddy to suicide is a rocky road, but we can navigate the hurdles and come out of the darkness. We can hopefully enlighten others on our way. If you have lost someone to suicide I have found that talking with others that have experienced your pain, your questions, even your feelings of guilt will help.

Come out of the darkness as we have, you will find you are not alone.


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