Rise like a Phoenix!

In the dark it is hard to see the way out. Allow me to take your hand and help you see the choices and work thru your pain and how you arrived at this point into assisting you to create the life you desire.

My life has been working with nature and her creations. I grew up on a farm in the midwest eating and living a natural organic life before it was a choice. My constant friends were the creatures of the earth always loving me and guiding me. I left the farm and became a Horticulturist and for the next 35 years worked in many facets of the industry.

I have the honor of loving two great boys who were my teachers daily! The other men in my life had the most to teach me and I truly am grateful for the lessons for my highest soul growth. I am so grateful for my wondrous journey it truly has been a story only found in fairy tales! I am open to share and to more importantly to listen.

Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Mountain
Key Words: Domestic Violence