Many years ago ADHD and Dyslexia had no real diagnosis in the public school system, or in the home. Stupid, and failure became my shadows, and thus I lived much of my life believing I was just that! Early childhood was an emotionally abusive experience, coupled with sexual abuse. I dissolved into a dissociative state of existence feeling lost, lonely, and an embarrassment to be living. -I hated myself-
I was young when I discovered sugar as my security blanket which escalated to drugs in the seventies, and blossomed into a wicked co-dependence in all my relationships.

It was when I immersed myself with the love of my life who was a heroin addict at the time, that I came to terms with my own disease as a co-dependent.

These years have been a journey of healing, using tools of forgiveness, surrender, yoga, meditation , and growing a healthy relationship with food. It is the faith in a God that lives not outside,but in my soul, that restored me to my true self.

Today co-dependence is not only in relationships, or dealing in family settings, but it is rampant amongst teens ,children, and adults in their need for social media. So many of today's youth and adults depend on electronics And technology that it is now established in the medical field as “technology addiction disorder.” There are established recovery centers for this particular pandemic.

As a Certified Recovery Coach, and Yoga Teacher drawing from Professional training, and personal experience, I am compelled to help clients find their divine guidance system that will bring them to a place of self-confidence, and powerful contribution.

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