Yogi Soul Flow


I am a travelling and compassionate spirit based out of Hawaii. I began my healing journey with yoga and meditation and have used them along with cognitive behavioral therapy to address my many mental health and spiritual complaints over the years. I use healthy food to complement the rest of my lifestyle and lead people thru improvement of their physical health as well as mental.

I have gone thru traumatic experiences, including sexual, emotional and religious abuse. I led a life of addictive relationships seeped in alcohol before realizing my path would never make me happy. Now I live in the jungle, teach others what I can and love to be active in nature. I have spent the past 5 years learning and teaching yoga and meditation and have coached a variety of other things from rock climbing to cooking.

I am very open and understanding, comfortable discussing the weird stuff you just cant bring yourself to say to your friends. I have counseled many on issues of gender identity, transition and interpersonal relationships. I married and divorced young and that also gave me a lot of perspective I hope can help you, if you desire it.

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