I am an International multiple business Entrepreneur, an Inspirational speaker, an executive coach, a business mentor, certified chef, mother, grandma, daughter and sister. I believe everyone deserve's to have it all - for me that means a great career, creating wealth independently, holistic health, children who want to reach their own goals, and of course exciting relationships.

Having it all for you might mean something completely different, you might not even know what you really want, that’s great because all you need to know at this stage is that you are unique and beautiful inside and out and you CAN have it all.

I grew up in a tough working class area of Manchester, England UK, I started my first business at 14 years of age and I make no apologies for saying I’ve been growing in knowledge and confidence ever since. In the UK and USA I have successfully created, owned and sold a National Children’s Model and Casting Agency, an Independent Health and Fitness Club, a Finance Company and a Website/Internet Marketing Company. I also am a certified chef and certified Life/Business coach. Hitting my forties I was in a great place, about to sell a successful business, living in the Californian sunshine, fantastic friends and family and more of the same to look forward to. Within the space of a year my 28 year marriage to my soul mate, unexpectedly broke-up, I lost my financial stability, my children were leaving home to start their own lives, I was experiencing the menopause and as a testament to the fact that life always goes on I found out I was to become a Grandmother. I was so lost and sad.

So now I had some really testing choices, could I live by the principles I had preached for so long?

I could have been angry and hid away waiting for someone to come along and rescue me, or jumped into a new relationship or I could have allowed myself to give into fear and accept a life I didn’t want or deserve. Instead I looked deep inside my soul and life's purpose, I strived to find forgiveness and courage and with that discovery came the strength to welcome my future with love, excitement and dignity. Working with my USA mentor on my own self care, suddenly everything materialist around me suddenly did not matter as my priority, everything seemed to have been taken away from me, but getting quiet and listening to my heart and soul became important and transformed me. I was the thing that I was looking for.

After months of working on my inner self, eventually and inexplicably the intense fear and doubts that I used to have gave way to deep peace and serenity As I returned to my coaching business with new found techniques from the USA I developed new programs and my programs are simple it’s a combination of every amazing book I have ever read, every positive thought and experience I have ever had, my painful decision to divorce, my certifications and every blow I have ever taken that I always got back on my pathway.

My work sets me apart not only because of my losses, but because the experience opened a door of genuine understanding. I am able to hold hands with another person with them at the very time they feel most alone or overwhelmed.

If you are a Women who wants to make decisions and changes in your life or if life has dealt you a hand you weren’t expecting, then my program along with my one to one guidance will help you create the life you truly deserve. I have put this model which is able to serve individual needs, and I can guarantee that if you need to find your best self I can help you on your journey and I will be with you every step of the way.

Through good times and bad times I know I can meet you wherever your at and walk with you on your journey especially if you want to life a full life and be a fantastic soul in your life and your business.

I love Yin yoga, running, time in nature, spa days, travelling, time with family, meditation, pink Champagne, reading, time with friends, living a healthy lifestyle and used to spend time with my dog a chocolate Labrador who taught me about unconditional love.

My pain was temporary, and quitting is forever, so I know I will never quit living a full meaningful life on purpose.

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