yvonne Lawson

I like to say I am a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. we come here by choice to learn life lessons, heal through awakening in consciousness, emotional intelligence, seeing oneself in total honesty, bringing inner issues to the light and ultimately waking up and healing the inner craziness that mostly accumulated as a child, where we learned from our caregivers how to survive in a big bad world. I, like most have had my share of the s...t that is thrown to us in life, but I learned to heal myself and understand what makes me tick, the s...t will show up on rare occasions but I now know how to navigate this roller coaster ride we call life while remaining balanced. I observe myself constantly, I improve myself constantly, I found happiness, love and light and peace which all came from within me. everything we need is inside of us, once you begin to understand this, your life will take on a whole new path, you will see through new eyes, you will think differently, feel different and treat others from a whole different perspective. I have a vast database of experience in the self healing field, soon to take that a step further and become an energy healer, now is my time to give back. Namaste :)

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