No one could possibly understand? Yes, but, this is different? If anyone knew, would they even believe me?
Don't know anyone who could possibly relate? Don't want to be fixed, just need to be heard, empty or clear out your thoughts? I get it.

The best help/support I received over the years, the support that was most valuable, wasn't from folks trying to fix me or handing out answers to my problems. It was people making time and space to connect with me. From connection all of my healing & direction in life came.

Connections provided safety to share. Connection provided vulnerability to listen and grow. Connection allowed me to be brave, to stand up & be seen and heard. Connection allowed me to grieve the darkest grief(s) known to mankind, and grieve well in the process. Connection allowed me to do the work necessary to move through experiences and come out the other side.

Being a Darma is SO important to me because I know first hand without connection the human spirit withers, and eventually dies. Simply put, connection changes lives. I couldn't be more proud to be a part of Kindarma and it's vision for transforming lives with peer to peer connection.
Look for my upcoming blog post for stories of inspiration, to help you cry, to help you laugh, and mostly just to share in hopes you feel connected. And feel free to request a phone chat if you are up to it, I'm happy to make myself available to you.

My best to you,

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