I am 60 yrs old. I lost my beautiful son when he was 27 years, he was unfortunately murdered in a home invasion. That is the single most important event in my life. The pain of losing him devastated me completely. For one year I couldn't leave the house, I wanted to die too.

I couldn't work. I had a bankruptcy. I had a short sale of the condo I owned. I had an eviction. I was also alone. I was single, and had nobody for support. I don't know how I survived.
Three years after my son's passing, I lost my mother and 2 years after that, I lost my fiancé.
I went and seek refuge in a little town, where rents were cheap. Part of me died. I am a different person now.

I changed careers. I am a live-in caregiver now. My life is easy when I am helping others, and I am full of love and compassion for those who suffer.

I will love to help and hopefully become part of your heart.

Tere Balboa

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