Stay True. Stay You.

Hello, my name is Steven.
Thank you for viewing my page on Kindarma.

Our Client Consultations are no cost.
Our platform is strategically designed to guarantee that our clients feel comfortable & that they found their “Darma.”

Coming from integrity, Here at Kindarma, there is no judgment.

There is you, & you know yourself the best.

  • Steven Sachs ( Kindarma ) —————————————————————————

Active September 2019
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Graduating, Fall 2021

Personally for me, I found my definition of the middle ground by joining this company. I remember being on the phone Speaking with an advisor feeling so uplifted and content. I thought to myself, what’s the worst thing that can happen? I smile and expressed laughter thinking to myself, (Answer) “Probably being exactly where I am right now if I don’t fill out the forms to enroll.”

Trust your instinct and follow your heart. I absolutely love, Kindarma.

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