I've lived with general anxiety for many years, and it finally became debilitating around late 30's. Most times it's good, sometimes I struggle. Every time, I believe in myself and ability to get better. Each day, I feel better and love myself more.

Thanks to a few years of therapy and help coming out of panic attacks, I now live a blessed life or recovery and reconstruction. GAD is no joke and a sign that something(s) is wrong. Physically, mentally, spiritually or all of the above. You can still cope and live well if you work to recognize the triggers and help yourself rid yourself of negative people, habits, jobs, etc. You also have to feed your brain and body positive food/input and cope with the things that probably make you the most vulnerable. There are many layers and defense mechanisms and media outlets that make the truth blurry, but you can get there. I did, and I get better every day.

I am currently located in metro Detroit, and you can find me here or in Chicago. I build websites and shoot photos and meditate regularly. I love to talk to people.

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