My life has been interesting. I was raised in a very religious family, with a tradition of helping friends and neighbors. When at 19 I was severely victimized on ethnic and gender grounds, there was little help from the institutions and people I had known and trusted. I put myself through university and law school to be in a position to give others the help I had needed, married and raised children, and survived the murder of my husband at age 39. When the legal system totally failed us, I turned my attention to the healing arts, which I practise to this day. I do not believe in separation, "no contact", blaming others for being "toxic", psychojargon and wallowing in victimhood. I believe you have a birthright to love, joy and good health. I help people with emotional and physical health problems which have eluded more respectable solutions. I am also good at helping them choose new directions for their lives via spiritual career counseling.

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