Phoenix Healing Art LLC

Hi there! Thank you for checking out my profile. My name is Kendall and I run Phoenix Healing Art LLC- an energy healing business that utilizes shamanic and Reiki technique to heal on the level of spirit.

To me, Phoenix symbolizes the cycle of birth, life, and death. A person can complete these cycles many times over in their life, and they can become a fun way of navigating change and growth. I was gifted "phoenix" as a nickname is college and it has stuck- perhaps not so much as an actual nickname anymore, but certainly a way of life for me.

I have a Bachelor of Art in Communication, Culture, and Media from Michigan Technological University and a minor in Journalism. My day job is media consulting, but I work from home and enjoy the flexibility this affords me. If you're interested in checking out more about me, (including both businesses), please visit

I'm not all work, though! In my spare time I spend a LOT of time in nature, enjoy hanging out with my 2 dogs, cat, and bearded dragon, watch anime and game of thrones with my husband of 3 years, and love to exercise my creative energy via writing, painting, drawing, photography, and podcasting.

I look forward to getting in touch with you. :)

With love,

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