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A mother of 2. Heart of gold. Highly intuitive. Lover of the color Pink. From 9 years old to most of my adult life, I have been abused. Emotionally, Mentally, Sexually and Psychically. It started from a young age. My mother and father had an affair, while he was married. Upset, that my father had other things going on, he decided to go a different route. In the midst of it all, a star was born. Little did I know, that this was just the beginning. All of my teenage years were depressing. I felt like I had to walk on eggshells around my mother and her husband, who sexually abused me, and ultimately putting me out, because I was having a baby ( not his). Confused, hurt and all over the place mentally. Why did my mom allow this to go on? Why wasn't I protected? I'm her daughter, she's suppose to love me! Trying everything to get my mom to love me, drained me. I started acting wild, seeking attention from her, and yes I got it, it was negative though. Failed relationships, though conceiving 2 children, this was hard! Being in a shelter for 2 years, with both of my children. And then, someone came into my life and changed it! Completely. Touched with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, what a hellish ordeal! Imagine, all the time you're together, you're walking on EGGSHELLS. Sound familiar right? Everything they project on you, is A REFLECTION OF THEM! For a long time, I thought I was stupid, because of how much I heard it being said to me. I started to actually believe it. That "situationship", that I had with my Ex Narcissist, really did throw me for a loop, until I started calling him out in his BS. He made me feel like, even though he was the one that did wrong, I was the one apologizing. He has tried to create as much havoc as possible, and laugh. Buy what he hasn't figured out is, in the end, I get the last laugh. I learned through everything that I was surrounded by family and friends who are Narcissists. I now know that the bubble around me, is God protecting me! He showed me what I DID NOT want to become. Please don't give up. You're still here for a reason!

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