To be in a place of confliction of not knowing the answer can bring a sense of self-doubt. We all know that self-doubt can lead to many things that can scar the soul and create the illusion of irreversible thinking that better days are almost impossible. Trying to be strong in your adversity once was your main since of recovery yet, you still find yourself on an emotional roller coaster and you are ready to get off. Saying to yourself if I can just get to this point, it will be so much easier for me. Just to find when you get there, here comes another adversity.
With frustration built inside and overwhelming feeling of defeat. Why? You ask, because you don’t deserve this. You are a good person and you give so much. Are you being punished if so you are sorry, just tell me what I am doing wrong. What can I do to make it better? I know this sounds so familiar to many. Why? Because I once shared the same emotions. Because of that experience I have chosen to become a Spiritual Coach, to help others through their own transitional journey. Let me share this with you, confliction is an opposition of refusing to look at the answer in hopes of a different outcome. The imprisonment of your mind locking the freedom of your soul which holds the true authentic you. Who is the authentic you? Do you know?
It is the empowerment in one’s soul that holds the secrets of their life’s story. The one who embraces every lesson good and bad as a map to their abundant life. Refusing to hold any of it as an excuse to be a victim of circumstances. It is the one who stands in their truth with humbling awareness that they are here for a purpose. This person proudly take accountability and faces fear with enormous strength. This person knows the importance of loving themselves first is the only way you can love another. This person creates an environment of high vibration energy with creative endurance and ambition in their own right and needs no validation from no one. Yes indeed this is the authentic you!
Allow me to walk hand and hand with you through your journey. I want to be your motivation that you can do this. To encourage you that it is already in you. I desire to be one of your means of support because I know how it feels to be there. My purpose is not to enable you, yet to bring awareness that you my friend are not alone. Let us unveil and explore this journey together and celebrate the beautiful reward of meeting the authentic you.

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