Aromatherapy & Soul Therapy

I believe that true health & wellness involves a holistic approach: body, mind & spirit.

We may many times feel disconnected or alone, but that cannot be farther from the truth! I heard Deepak Chopra once say, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Although I believe that is true, while our spirits are in our physical bodies, we must take all of their aspects into consideration in order to be well and live a truly healthy life.

Another one of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein. He said, “Everything is made of energy . . . We are all light beings.”

It is a scientific fact that everyone & everything in the universe is made of the same energy. In fact, scientists have recently discovered that there exists a specific type of energy field that emanates in about a 2-3 meter circumference from every individual’s heart. And that, when we pass or come within that distance to someone else, our heart energies intersect. Although, many of us are still not Aware (or Awake) enough to consciously notice it, our beings (body, mind & soul) do feel it (and the healing effect).

We are all connected in Light (photonic energy) & Love (heart energy). And I believe that, when we help each other heal, we also help heal ourselves.

That is why I am here: to learn, heal, awaken and share my journey of transformation that it may hopefully help someone else on their own journey . . . And one of my favorite tools that I’ve learned to use is Aromatherapy & Essential Oils (EOs). Because our sense of smell, aromatherapy & essential oils are excellent in helping to ease suffering from a wide variety of emotional trauma, from PTSD to depression & anxiety, and more. But they are also great for all sorts of physical ailments, including chronic fatigue & pain. They can even help with quitting smoking.

There is a saying: “If it exists, there’s an EO for that!”

Although essential oils can help on their own (individually), they are much more effective when blended (using at least 3 or more EOs). This is because essential oils have what’s called “notes” (top, middle and bottom). And you have to know how to blend them correctly, with the appropriate ratios and with the right combinations of EOs. There’s a whole science behind it (some pretty complex chemistry, actually).

That’s why I make custom blends for specific uses. It takes all the hard guess work (and work, in general) out of it for the client and all they have to do is diffuse the blend or use it in any of the other appropriate forms.

Have a scentsational day! ;)

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