Depression, Anxiety, Grieving , Suicide.

Feeling overwhelmed and feeling like you can't no more, should not be the only two options.

How does it feel to know alot people in your phone contacts or social media friends list are too busy for 20 minutes to talk? There has been many times when even if we have friends, family and co-workers to talk to we still feel alone.

This doesn't just happen to you, it happens even to famous people too believe or not. I have felt like venting or getting an opportunity to be heard, from a caring listener after a bad day ,that has made me feel better.

I have experienced in my life time several different hurtful depression emotions, from being raped ( feeling guilty), being manipulated with physical abuse in long term relationships (feeling used/hopeless), worked in a stressful, overbearing, sexist and harassment environment. I have also lost a past love( after a break up period). I found out at the funeral home I was working for at the time he was a deceased we were going to take care of his funeral services (feeling shockingly and traumatized). Going homeless (living in my car) for over 9 months for someone who I thought loved me (feeling like I hit rock bottom, ashamed, embarrassed, back pain, anxiety).

When the things finally hit the fan, it was hard to find professional help Psychiatrist / therapist right when I felt at my lowest. It is the most heart breaking and anxious feeling, when feeling like the walls are caving in takes place. The desperation , the high cost are overwhelming.

If after reading some of my life experiences, you feel I can help with anything feel free to reach out to me. I know the feeling of being in need of options, of just being heard and feel no one answers at the time you need it.

Remember that reaching out for help or just being heard is nothing to to be embarrassed about. We are all fighting different battles everyday, but we are not alone...let's do this together. I'm open to speaking with anyone who ready to be heard.

Let me know what time is best for you.

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