YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let's talk about "it".

I know what it feels like to be super depressed, to feel like you don't want to live anymore, to have extreme anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety and to feel broken and hopeless. You are not alone, no matter how bad or unique your problems seem to be. You are not broken. And you deserve to be happy and to live a life you are happy with.

I'm here to listen to whatever is troubling you and offer what help and advice I can. You can't tell me much I haven't heard or been through. I am not going to judge you. And anything we discuss is will be kept completely confidential.

I couldn't have made it through life and overcome my problems if I didn't seek help and have someone with similar life experience to talk to. Some of the best advice I've gotten in my life has been from people who had also experienced similar problems and hard times and were simply there to listen and talk with me when I needed them.

A little about me. From a young age I became clinically depressed and developed major anxiety/panic attacks that lasted for many years. I was an only child of parents who were addicted to narcotics. My father was a very angry man, extremely hostile, and mentally abusive. My mother used drugs to self medicate and escape her problems in life, thus was not around for me when I needed her as a child. Fortunately, my mother did quit using drugs by the mite I turned a teenager and became a vital part of my life by simply being there for me and listening to whatever I was going through. I don't know what my life would have been like if I didn't have someone to confide in and talk to all those times when I was feeling so down and hopeless. I believe it's crucial to have someone to talk to, to vent out our emotions and feelings so they don't build up and eat away at us.

Only in the past few years did I overcome the worst of my issues. When I finally got through the bulk of my problems it was as if I could see clearly for the first time, like I'd been living in a fog almost my entire life.

I want you to feel comfortable and free from judgement when speaking with me. I'll share one of my beliefs about the human experience. That is, once you strip away the ego, the masks we all wear, the walls we've built up, our defenses, and the "programming" from our families and our society, that at the core of our being we are all basically the same entity. Almost like you'd view puppies (or choose your favorite animal) from the same litter. At our core we are pure, innocent beings, deserving and worthy of love and happiness. Our time here on Earth is finite and precious, and life is a gift.

However, when we are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions our ability to see life clearly becomes more and more difficult. When we're clouded by negativity we often need someone else's eyes and words as a beacon, someone we can trust and help to guide us out of that negative headspace. Just as importantly, we need someone to talk to who won't judge us, someone we can share our deepest worries, fears, experiences, insecurities, and frustrations. This is what I am offering to you, as that is what helped me the most when I was experiencing and feeling my worst.

I am not a psychologist or professionally trained counselor. I'm not giving any false promises that I have the best solutions or answers to what is specifically going on in your life at the moment. But, I will listen to whatever you've got going on and offer you my 40+ years of experience as a human being who's also been through some tough times.

I couldn't have made it through life and overcome my problems if I didn't seek help and have someone to talk to. Again, I am not claiming to be a substitute for a professionally trained counselor. But agin, I will honestly say that some of the best help I've gotten in my life has been from people who had also experienced similar problems and hard times and were simply there to talk to me, without judgment, when I needed them. I've always felt it was my calling to help others who were going through tough times as I did.

I look forward to talking with you and helping you work through whatever is going on in your life that brought you here.I've suffered from major, clinical depression and anxiety/panic attacks for many years of my life. Talking about it is crucial to minimizing the suffering and pain.

When you're in the cloud of depression and/or feeling the anxieties of life, it's almost impossible to see things clearly as you're mentally spiraling downwards. You need someone outside to gain perspective. You made it this far.

Things can and will get better. Let's talk about what is going on in your life and how we can alleviate some of the problems and pain. Just talking about stuff, getting it out of your mind will help you feel lighter, help clear your mind and gain a more positive, healthier perspective.

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