Parenting through guidance, letting go of control.

The universal shift is here. We are in a time that is bringing to the surface ways that no longer serve us. Therefore, pushing us out of our comfort zones into ways that expand us not block us.

The traditional parenting paradigm is about control. Although it usually comes from a space of love and wanting the best for our kids it does not allow our kids to operate with ease. I support parents through new practices, perspectives and connection to a children that brings more harmony to the home. Our kids are soveriegn beings and a house of chaos does not mean we are bad parents but that we are not in alignment.

I know this abundant amount of time with our children has caused more chaos then joy and I am here to support parents in enjoying the present moment with their child while still guiding them. Feel free to call or message me to schedule an appointment.

Kindest Regards,
Jessica De La Vega

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