Conscious Relationships in Partnership and Parenthood

Are you in a relationship that seems to be playing the same song over and over? Just with a different album cover?

Well I did. It showed up in my marital relationship and mother daughter relationship. I was experiencing the same patterns of feeling not seen, heard or appreciated. I was having the same arguments over and over. I was wanting (expecting) a connection with my husband I wasn't getting. I wanted (expected) a certain type of support from my mother that I was not getting.

With that feeling of my needs not being met several fights would occur. I did the dance in both relationships of sweeping it under the rug being comfortably uncomfortable until one day I decided enough is enough! I deserve, We all deserve relationships filled with more happiness and joy than pain and conflict. That day forward I took a new approach to both of my toxic relationships and turned both of them around lifting all areas of my life! I asked myself two very important questions in that moment and from turned it all around.

I am here to share with you those two reflecting questions and guide you in practice to turn your relationships into ones you align with and that bring you true joy. Guess what? A lot of it will be you. There is no blame in mending or evolving relationships. There is accountability and non negotiables. I have studied the works of several spiritual leaders such as Mastin Kipp (Trauma Work), Deepak Chopra, Dr. Shefali, Eckhart Tolle, and several other self evolviong influencers. I am in process of being positive psychology certified which looks at the real components that add to a life full of happiness. We didn't come to this earth to have difficult relationships, live paycheck to paycheck and suffer ailments. We came here to live, love, learn, appreciate the worlds natural surrounding while sharing our individual talent with the world, the way we magically express it like no one else.

I look forward to helping you evolve. I come with 33 years of life experience through abandonment, childhood, parenthood, marriage, degree, career and with so much intuition I've learned it isn't the amount of years you've spent on earth that makes you wise. Its how much you've recognized your traumas, pains and learned from the lessons you've experienced. I work well with woman and woman. I am hear with nothing but empathy:)

Lots of Love! Connect with you soon

Gender: Female
Hourly Price: $25 - $50
Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Pacific
Key Words: Spirituality