Divorce vs. Faith

Yes, I am divorced. Yes, I am a person of faith. No, these two things are not mutually exclusive.

Divorce is messy enough. How do you navigate through divorce while maintaining your own faith system? How do you handle the internal shame that comes from reconciling these two issues? And, at the same time the external shame of going through a very public dismantling of relationship within the confines of a faith system that might not necessarily know how to support you in the situation that you now find yourself in? Or to the absolute extreme of being asked to remove yourself from your spiritual community (as I was)?

How do you continue to co-parent? How do you find love and forgiveness towards your former life partner? How do find love and forgiveness for yourself?

It isn’t easy. But it is achievable. I would be honored to listen to your story. I would be blessed to walk with you during this time.

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