Grief and the Loss of what you knew

I have learned, through my own life journey, that grief comes wrapped in many different packages. Great things are happening in your life, but you feel confused, unfocused, anxious and lost. Or, to the other extreme, you have just experienced the worst thing that you can possibly imagine: divorce, death, loss of property or employment. All of these things throw people into the chaos of grief.

I am a trained Chaplain, with extensive experience walking beside people in their moments of grief and crisis.

I am a compassionate listener, I can help you focus, I can offer perspective that you might be missing. I have experienced grief in many forms: death, divorce, unemployment, spiritual upheaval, moving away from friends and family, empty-nesting, sudden illness, etc.

I look forward to walking beside you during your time of transition; crying with you, shouting with you, and celebrating the victories that you accomplish along your grief journey.

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