Ascension Guide.

Hi There,

My name is Indigo Phire and I am an Ascension Guide and healer.

My main purpose on the planet is to support those who are awakening and help lead them to freedom.

Freedom is an inside job and what is happening now is that there is so much light bombarding this planet that it is bringing all the blocks within ourselves that are standing in the way of us being truly free to be ourselves.

Now what do I mean by blocks. Blocks are constructs, beliefs, experiences, that we either hold tightly too or have suppressed or denied. And when we hold too tightly to a story good or bad it keeps us trapped in a loop we can’t get out of.

Now, many people are very happy living in this loop because they are not aware they are in it. Most people hide it from themselves through work, tv, drugs, alcohol, shopping, internet, taking care of others or animals. They fill any free time with something to distract themselves from themselves.

When we start to wake up, we are no longer ok with living the way others have told us to or society has led us to believe. Something within us knows there is more and wants to explore it.

Now the only problem is, is once we begin to wake up then all of our woundings start to show themselves and there is no numbing out from it. You might try, but there it is everything about yourself and what happened to you is there. The way to move forward and heal is to feel the feelings without the story, just feel. This will move the stuck energy.

Where I or any good healer comes in is holding an unconditionally loving place for you to experience where you are no judgements and allow and at times guide you to be your own empowered healer.

That is what I do and that is my passion. I have been judged tremendously and harshly on this path. I say that to help you know you are safe with me.

Everyone is welcome here!
That said I will not tolerate abuse so come clean, but don’t direct it at me. I am your ally. I want to see you thrive.

I have a free session to see if we are a good fit. It is important that you take the time to find someone you feel a connection to and we encourage you to do that.
Have a beautiful and blessed day,
Indigo Phire

Gender: Female
Hourly Price: $25 - $50
Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Central
Key Words: Spirituality