What is Eating You?

I don’t even know where to start with such a topic. If one has never gone through this, we automatically feel ashamed and embarrassed to even bring it up. We’re not dead, what’s the big deal?

Crash dieting, depriving our bodies and holding our breath until a digital number lights up underneath our feet.

So we’re not dead, but we are killing ourselves.

I am your classic story of being 260lbs in high school, growing taller and realized I was being treated differently.

As an adult I am wise enough to realize it was only my confidence opening the doors for other people and more conversations.

But all the way up until age 25, the disease of anorexia took over me to the most intense severity

Nobody really knew much about diet in my family.
My mother raised me with Mrs. fields cookies, Hawaiian punch, pizza for breakfast, and whatever I could dream of for lunch and dinner. She also gave me the gift of life which I will never take for granted again.

From the beginning calorie restrictions and green tea pills to the middle on a raw vegan diet, carrying around a cooler 116 pounds and 6 foot one, brings me to the end which I’ll share with you.

Since I’ve recovered I’ve been all shapes and sizes, large medium and small and not once have my feet ever touch the scale again. Now it’s your turn, and it’s between us.

I am 14 years old in the family photo on the right