EFT tapping to release inner conflict and drama

Are you tired of suffering from PTSD or having stressful circular thoughts and anxieties that do not go away? Need to create more peace in your life but don't know how or where to start? Are you struggling to manifest your life desires? Besides just talking about it why not SHIFT it and clear it permanently and tap it out of your system?

Its simple !!

The good news is you can be helped and there is more than one way to look at something. Just know that sadness and depression are not real only a state of mind. Are you ready to clear the traumatic blocks for good? These triggers and blocks clear at the emotional, mental physical and cellular level of the mind and body on a subconscious and conscious level. If you are willing to let me hold you by the hand to clearing your traumas today you can clear faster than ever sometimes even in minutes!

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor am I psychiatrist. If you need medical or psychiatric help please visit your doctor or seek a licensed health care professional. Thank you.*

Thank you for reading this and crossing my path now let's start removing these blocks so you can finally set yourself free and be the better version of yourself start living your dreams and finally gain more clarity and peace.

Much love light and gratitude,

Crystal Grace

Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Pacific
Key Words: Post Traumatic Stress