If You're Asking Yourself if you're the Crazy One, You're Not.

I am a narcissistic abuse survivor and I want to help you weather the emotional storms you are going through during and after a relationship with a narcissist. I have been there and know what it is like to need to feel understood and to question my own sanity when dealing with narcissists.

Throughout my entire childhood, I was severely emotionally; mentally; physically; sexually abused and neglected by a narcissistic personality. My first husband was diagnosed with severely narcissistic, histrionic and borderline personality disorders. My second husband was much the same. I continued to choose narcissistic relationships despite how the personality appeared at surface level. I had been programmed at a sub-conscious level by early childhood experiences to seek that familiar energy vibration.

Whether or not you are in traditional therapy, I am here to support you emotionally and without judgement. I am an empath and my aim is always to be kind. I know how cruel narcissists can be and how unsafe they make us feel. I want to be the safe person for you.

I will never be "in your face" like some well meaning friends, family members and even professionals who don't understand first-hand what victims and co-dependents of narcissistic abuse endure. I will surely understand you and your perspective from the start simply because I have been there myself.

You deserve to be happy despite what the narcissist personality wants you to believe. I will listen to you and share some of my journey and the coping techniques I have used to heal from my own abuse.

All of our conversations are strictly confidential, and I will never disclose details of our conversations to anyone. Our first session is free of cost and obligation. During the first session follow your intuition and listen to your gut feelings. If you feel comfortable with me then I will be happy to book another session with you.

Contact me on Kindarma.com if you are a victim of narcissistic abuse or suspect you may be. I hope to hear from you soon! Warmly, Janelle

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