Abuse leaves us with a sense of confusion, at least it did for me. From the time I was about 5 until the summer before my freshmen year in high school I was sexually molested by my grandfather.... although the abuse from him ended that summer, it continued with my mothers drinking and her not being available to my healing process that was needed as an adolescent.... I continued on to form unhealthy and unstable abusive relationships filled with narcissism and neglect.

Their confusion on who they were to me quickly became my own and I felt like I was to blame for it all. Abuse can make us feel like it was our fault or somehow we are to blame for it, but I am here to tell you that it is not! We are survivors and the guilt and the shame from others is imprinting you and clouding the truth of what you need to see.

I am here to talk to those who need help seeing that they are not the one to blame, this was not your fault and you will come out on top!

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