How to BE in a Relationship.

Relationships on all levels are often not easy, understanding through self awareness why you react the way you do and understanding through the perspective of the other person can create a relationship made in heaven.

It takes honesty, commitment and a true desire to want to attain the goal and even then the decision may be to consciously separate.

I have run the gauntlet of relationships on most all of the degrees. I found myself in abusive relationships for most of my life, until I woke the hell up and no longer accept such treatment as I no longer feel I need it in my life. I no longer need to fall down that same hole !!

Until I made it to that amazing place of freedom, I suffered many years of horrific abuse, mental emotional and physical, a narcissistic sociopath was the one to make me finally wake the hell up after a near death experience from a broken heart.

I drew such people to me because of my childhood abuse, they came with their own childhood abuse issues, I knew no different neither did they, we came together to wake up, to discover who we truly are. My experiences now allows me to assist others.

Namaste :)

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