Co-Dependent in My Relationships.

ADD, dyslexia, childhood emotional and sexual abuse, pretty much nullified any semblance I had of self-esteem, confidence, or any grip on reality ; but rather I plummeted into a safe dissociate state of mind, a self-loathing character that rebelled when I found out I could, dissolving into , drugs, sugar, and hugely crazy self-destructive behavior for much of my life. I suffered from some harrowing co-dependent relationships.

One thing I never doubted was the God (call it universe, whatever is your guidance system) I so desperately sought along my journey to truth and liberation. I now can honestly say it has guided me toward a path of freedom, self love, and confidence with purpose. (I really do love myself, with all my quirky beautiful imperfections)

Are you absolutely desperate for change? Still seem to be repeating the same self destructive patterns, and feel hopeless? You can change patterns and personality and re program your brain! You can heal body, mind and soul.

From a place of experience, wisdom, and professional training as a Certified Recovery Coach, and Yoga Teacher, I would be thrilled to partner with you on a coaching journey that will reveal your true gift to contribute to this world, and be restored to your most beautiful, best ever being!

"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are." Rumi

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