You Just Have to Listen.

I will say this first: NO DICTATOR ships have ever lasted: Hitler didn't last; Mussolini didn't last: Stalin didn't last: Corpieceus of the Persian empire didn't last:

Babies; children; kids and teenagers are people just like you and me: the only difference is their younger. If you want respect from them you have to give respect. AND SMACKING OR HITTING a person is no WAY to achieve over all success.

You will only warrant delinquent behaviors in the future. The key to raising your people; is respect. Give them a request and allow them to take a few minutes to fulfill the request; If you want instant response: Sooner then latter; this will fail as they get older.

I've worked in Juvenile Delinquent security housing; I was in the line of duty for 5 years and I have a 14 yr old going on 30.

Let me help; you just have to listen.

Gender: Male
Hourly Price: $10 - $25
Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Eastern
Key Words: Spirituality