Emotional Abuse, Neglect & Psychological Abuse.

I have experienced developmental trauma throughout my childhood. During my mid twenties, life came crashing down on me and directed me towards a healing path. I have learned several types of healing modalities including yoga, meditation, life coaching, EFT, Psych K, music, dance, art, and more. I have also had to practice setting healthy boundaries with others and I am still on a path towards this as well as teaching myself the practice of self love and self compassion.

My mother has borderline personality disorder. My stepfather was inappropriate. I lived with them for seven years from ages 10-17, which were the most difficult years of my life. A lot of emotional abuse, neglect, psychological abuse, and I had no one to trust while I was growing up. My other family members have also taken advantage of me and did not treat me well, and it was to the point that I needed to remove them from my life in order to live a healthy and balanced life. I have gone through trying to help them and also trying to do anything to connect with them. I realized that I needed to start caring for myself in a way that my family could not care for me. I needed to learn how to set boundaries, and to discern who and who not to allow into my life. I have become my own best friend. I realized that I am the person I have been waiting for to save me. I am the person who determines my direction, my path, and what kind of life I want to have. It is never too late to make changes, no matter how drastic these life changes need to be. This journey continues, and I am glad to help anyone who is also on this path.

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Key Words: Post Traumatic Stress