Cancer or other serious illnesses?- WE NEED TO TALK

My husband and I have come to learn about an amazing medicine made from the Cannabis/Marijuana plant that killed his stage 4 HNSCCancer after the conventional Chemo and Radiation left him with end stage organ failure after only 5 weeks of treatment.

They told me to "call his family" and that they would put him in hospice until the family could come and say their good byes. And then it happened- I discovered the mystery that we now call Full Spectrum Extract Oil. I started giving him a large amount while he was being treated at the VA and 3 DAYS ( YES DAYS ) later, my husband went from death bed to well enough that the doctors let me take him home ( I am sure that they thought that I was saving them the hospice $$$'s) 3 months later NO CANCER- and NOW 28 months later still CANCER FREE.

No lifestyle changes no diet or exercise changes he just went back to living life with the addition to his maintenance dose daily now as a preventative.

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