Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling

Hello, I am so glad that you have decided to take your journey out of addiction seriously. Addiction and Substance Abuse are problems that require compassion, understanding and non-judgmental insight in order to serve your goals and needs. As a mentor and counselor, I have experience dealing with a range of issues surrounding substance abuse, alcoholism, process addictions and codependency.

I am happy to lend you my ear and help you through the process of your recovery.

About me: I am a mindfulness-based counselor in the process of receiving my Master's degree and license in Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University Seattle. I have suffered and recovered from several addictions and mental health problems myself, and can lend first hand experience and solutions to the many obstacles you may face in your journey towards health and happiness .

I am using Kindarma to help the community at large, while accruing experience and counseling hours for my private practice. I hope to retain several clients in the process as well - especially since recovery and healing is a lengthy, involved process, and I enjoy working with and getting to know people over the course of several years! I hope that we can work together to build a system and network of personal growth and self care.

  • Joseph (LMHC in progress)
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