I can help you get back on track with your finances -

Start small and end big.
So where do you start when you have so many bills. Small and work your way bigger.
Did you know the average cup of coffee each day is $2.50? For one week that is $12.50 and in a year you have $650.00!
You can do it! Start small and work your way up to something else.

If you need help with resources, debt or getting on a budget I can help you. I was a single parent raising two children on a very limited income, I had to live on a tight budget since I could not depend on child support.
I am a full charge bookkeeper, specializing in forecasting and budgeting.
We can go over your bills and income. We can look at what your need is and see what resources are available.
I will then create a spread sheet that I can send to you that will show you how to pay your bills and when you will have everything paid through the snowball payments.
It might look hopeless, lets take a look at things and see what we can do!

Mode of Communication:
In - Person
USA Time Zone: Mountain