Broken Relationship with Parents. It's Not Your Fault.

Your Mom is supposed to love and protect you, right? That was not my experience.

It's true you cannot choose your family. But you can choose to stop the cycle of abuse. In my case, I cut my mother out of my life as I did not want her meanness, jealousy, vindictiveness, lies, and mindset to infect my children and grandchildren's lives.

It's not socially acceptable to not talk to a parent. I found it difficult to deal with the inner struggle - was I wrong in my decision? The right thing to do is forgive, why can't I? Time answered that question for me as she reminded me time and again with cruel deeds why she cannot be in my life.

For me, this was a hard decision. If you are struggling with a similar situation, I'd be happy to talk and share.

Gender: Female
Hourly Price: $25 - $50
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In - Person
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