The Loss of Both Your Parents by 18.


At the age of 14 I lost my mother to a fire and at age 18 I lost my father to an unknown illness. I had already lost a friend to drunk driving and other family members to lung cancer and addiction, both before and after my parents passing. Since then I have lost friend after friend, to cancer over the years, among other deaths that are too many to mention in this introduction. Death for the living is not easy and takes a great deal of compassion and patience, for the person going through it.

No two deaths are the same, neither are any two people in how they are experiencing the love one passing. The expectation of the living, to accept and work through what has happened by others, is not only frustrating by their expectations, but also unreasonable most of the time. Love, listening, and compassion are the tools needed, along with time.

I am a Certified Peer Counselor for drug addiction and mental health, but have a great deal of experience with death as you can see, and I feel it is a part of life that often gets swept under the rug, and that only delays working through the pain and loss. I would love to be of help, assistance, and anything else I can provide, by listening without judgement, to make the process hopefully a bit easier as you process your pain, anger, and other emotions as you heal.