From the Darkest of places we can Discover Great Light


At 19 yrs old I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. With the shock of being told I'd be injecting insulin for the rest of my life, coupled with being told what I could and could not eat, and already existing anxiety, it was a perfect storm.

A side effect of the undiagnosed diabetes was also a loss of weight. Everyone around me began to comment on how thin I looked, uni friends, work colleagues and others said I looked great. Within 6 weeks I had developed bulimia. So began a 6 year battle with what and how much I ate, how much I exercised and how much I weighed.

It was exhausting, especially emotionally - I knew what I was doing and I couldn't stop it. I felt caught, trapped and lost. It led me to study Psychology and Organizational Change & Behavior in the attempt to understand why we all do the things we do. Eventually, it led me to create Kindarma. From many of our darkest places we can discover great light, if only we allow ourselves to go through the pain.

It has now been over 20 years that I have been bulimia free. It can be done and if anyone would like to hear more of what I believe helped me, I'd love to share this hope with them.


  • "I have dealt with an eating disorder on and off for a huge chunk of my life, brought on as a result of different life experiences and my desire to be in control at all times - I felt like there was no way out. Through a tonne of work and compassion towards myself I managed to push my eating disorder to the back burner, knowing that it no longer controls my life. A huge part of my recovery which really assisted in pushing me one the line was talking to Shelley, a super special individual who understood my struggles on a personal level and was able to assist me from personal experience; without judgement. I hope that my journey can be viewed by those affected as a strength, in that recovery is most definitely possible with a lot of hard work and the right support !" - Shannon.

  • " In being able to talk to Shelley about my eating disorder, immediately we were in sync. Because she had gone through this herself and had years to reflect on the why for her, she gave me insights and a sense of understanding that I had not received anywhere else. If anyone is in need of support and wisdom, a great place to start would be with her." - Elizabeth.

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