Jessica De La Vega

Donation Based Practice - I believe physical + mental health is priority for well-being. Money should never get in the way of your healing and expansion. I offer donation based services so you can get the support you need with no restrictions. I provide insight through my certifications, life experiences and personal development research to guide people through practices + perspectives to better achieve the life you desire. I am here to guide you through you new journey to a more awakened life of joy. Our souls are limitless, stop limiting yourself.

Areas of Support:

  • Parenting with guidance + truth (Letting go of the control paradigm)

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Stress Relieving Practices

  • Rerouting Vices

  • Family Conflict

  • Plant-Based Nutrition (Mind/Body Connection through diet)

  • The Power of Habits

  • The Power of Listening

  • Reconnecting to Yourself

  • Healing Trauma through Yourself

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