Information about Kindarma

How it works


1) Read Our Stories - They maybe just like Yours. 

You are looking to overcome a personal or relationship challenge. Use the filters to narrow down the choices you can make. The could be someone who has gone through something very similar to you. There's a good chance they will be able to give you a different perspective and some insights into things that helped them move forward.

1a) Add to our Stories - Share your Story and Wisdom.

Join our community of supporters. It's in you nature to provide support and advice to others. People trust you and feel comfortable opening up to you. You like to share your experiences with others in the hope it may help them. Helping others gives you personal fulfillment and a greater meaning and purpose to life. Sign up and create a profile under the category that suits you best and be a resource for others who will be able to contact you through our email or reach out and connect via phone.

2) If you Feel like Connecting - Contact Us.

Under our stories, you will find our name. There is a grey contact button under it.  You will need to sign into the Kindarma site to be able to connect with someone - all it takes is a valid email address.  You can stay anonymous if you'd prefer. 

2a) People may reach out to you to Connect

Visitors to the Kindarma site will read your story and may even want to contact you via our private email service to get more details or help about the particulars of your experience. When people connect to others who have shared a similar experience, they gain clarity, a new perspective and re-assurance. Be sure that you want to be there for others.

3) Reach Out

Our community is here for each other. We are here to share, uplift and inspire you to keep going, find a way and move forward. It can be done. We know because we have got to the other side ourselves.

4) Review

You then have the opportunity to leave feedback for the person you connected with, so other people can find them, feel safe connecting with them and contribute to their healing as well. This is why we call ourselves a Community - we are all helping each other heal.

Please Note We are not registered psychologists or psychiatrists, not licensed therapists, not other mental health professionals. We are non-professionals who believe we have something to offer others due to our life events and by listening and sharing our experiences. We do not offer medical advice, therapy, or counseling. 

If you have a mental health issue, please contact your doctor - Kindarma is not the place for you right now.

If you are considering suicide, call 911 or the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Seek the advice of a licensed and trained professional in areas where professional opinion is appropriate, including but not limited to: health, mental health, and legal issues.